Monday Inspiration: Do It Anyway


Pop Quiz: What do you want to do with your life? 

Is it what you’re doing from 9 to 5 everyday? (If so, lucky you.)

But maybe it’s something different — something you’ve been searching for and trying to understand for a while now. Your passion. That intangible spark of excitement, glory, pure happiness that hits us when we are doing exactly what we’ve been made to do.

Have you recognized passion in yourself lately? 

So many times we say “I don’t know what I want to do” or “I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing with my life” without really thinking it through. We say it like a toss away comment — think “I’m so tired” or “This weather is good” — and we let ourselves believe it. Don’t fall into that trap. Chances are, your passion is staring you in the face. I promise you, there’s no way you were born to just pay bills and die. In between going to work at a thankless job and dealing with the mundane realities of life, you’ll find that passion. What you do when no one is watching, when nothing is at stake, when you think you’re just enjoying yourself… that’s passion. Take it from Jessica Hische,

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” 

Mind. Blown.

Stop wondering about your passion and stop questioning what you should do with your life. Playing that kind of waiting game is not going to get you where you want to go. Don’t hesitate. Find your passion in the unguarded moments of your life. And then run with it.

Monday Inspiration: Choose Your Own Adventure

You’ve heard it before: The time is now. Today, let that sink in. Truly notice your life around you.

Don’t fear the journey, or worry over the end result, all the while letting your life pass you by. Grasp your chances — hold fiercely to your beliefs, your ambitions, your soul-deep dreams that make you who you are. We don’t know much in this life, but we do know it can be over all too quickly. Take risks, reap rewards, accept the struggle and rejoice in a life fully lived.

Be glorious this Monday, friends. And, of course, GO CUBS!!

Friday Roundup: Love in Leadership

What does it mean to be in love? How do we show up differently in our lives; how are our rhythms refocused, re-energized, reimagined?

If all the songs are true, then love lifts us up — buoying us through the hard stuff on waves of happiness, pleasure, commitment  and inspires us to live fully expressed, to fill up to our very edges.

We use the word freely — we love sunny weather, our favorite TV shows, damn good coffee — but we often forget that the feeling and experience of love extends to all parts of our lives. Imagine what it would mean to bring love to your business,  your career,  your everyday work life. What could love do for your leadership? 

Leadership can be as intense a relationship as any whirlwind romance or long-term marriage. The same base feelings are all there… love, anger, joy, frustration, pride, annoyance. And we certainly put in the hours, effort, and emotion to create one crazy strong bond. Which means we need the same backbone of support, communication, and encouragement to create a sustainable and lasting relationship. As leaders, we understand how to cultivate relationships with our customers, with our staff, with our fellow leaders, but we forget to extend these same principles to our own unique relationship with our companies and with leadership itself. Today, give yourself to the space to be in your leadership. What will that look like for you?

Stuck on how to start? Try embodying these values to start feelin’ the love in leadership, today:

01. Listen to yourself; to your rhythms, feelings, and gut instincts. Those aren’t just white noise! Give yourself the time you need to just be — and see where the feelings take you.

02. Acknowledge yourself as the leader you are and embody your fiercest ambitions and wildest ideas. Don’t hold yourself back or rein yourself in. Free your weird. Rock your crazy. Love your leadership.

03. Start fresh each day. Never let old grievances or bad memories stop you from living in the present. Use your past to propel your future — old experiences make us stronger, but they don’t define us.

04. Value yourself as a leader. Stand strong behind your convictions and don’t back down from a challenge. Don’t be a doormat or a roadblock. Own your faults and stop apologizing for being yourself.

05. Take a little coffee break. Get a mojito after work. Forget it all and dance. Cheer. Smile. Life is for the living, friends.


Monday Inspiration: “Spark” It Up


Set yourself afire with possibility this plain ol’ Monday.  Burn brighterhotter, and more intensely than you ever have before. Monday is the perfect day for a fresh start. Your life and this day is yours — own it.

Stop thinking. Start blazing.

Make it a fiery Monday, friends!

Friday Roundup: Breakup or Make Up?

It’s weird.  Sometimes a week can feel 10x longer than it usually does. And especially looooong when little frustrations start to pile up into something substantial. You know the days I’m talking about — when you see your big ideas have gone unappreciated, when you get stuck in an hour long meeting where nothing is accomplished but small talk, when you’re bogged down with irritating, small busy work instead of generating bold new opportunities. We all have those days and we generally shake it off (thanks Taylor) — and return the next day ready for a (somewhat) fresh start.

What happens when those days start to become weeks? You’re finding it harder and harder to “shake it off” in an increasingly toxic, lackluster environment, yet… you don’t want to just give up. It’s time to ask yourself whether or not YOU can make a difference where you are. And if the answer is no — it may be time to consider a breakup. In order to move on to the bigger and brighter future waiting for you.

Quitting isn’t something to take lightly — all those “Never Give Up” mantras aren’t just hot air — but it is a valid personal choice to consider. A great leader grows where they’re planted – they’re resourceful and creative. But nothing grows without the basics of sunlight and soil. If the environment is dark, if the culture is creepy, if the boss is disrespectful, if you’re dying on the vine waiting on someone to step in and pluck you away…  you may be wasting your precious time. Bad days can (and will) happen anywhere you work, that is just your messy, beautiful life in action. But “enduring” and “suffering” isn’t your job or your life. We are meant to thrive — full of life, possibility and potential. If your current situation is stripping you of sunshine and soil, consider how you can make a fresh start — either there… or somewhere else.

Whatever you choose, know that YOU are in control of your future. You can change your job. Change YOU. Or stay and suffer (not recommended). Your success is on your terms and only you know whether the place you’re in now can give you what you need to succeed. Take the first step and decide: Will you breakup, change yourself up or linger as a victim?

Not to worry — we’ve got all sorts of advice from around the web to support you:

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03. How to decipher the signals that may be telling you something you’re missing

04. Thoughts on when NOT to quit

05. And just for fun: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em with these handy “tips”

Monday Inspiration: Your Life is Now



There is a moment in the film About Time (DO NOT miss these 3 minutes – guaranteed to change your day!) where the main character reflects something unique and beautiful. Though he has the ability to travel through time, he doesn’t. Instead, he chooses to live each day to the very fullest. He says:

“I just try to live every day as if I’ve deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it, as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.” 

Easier said than done, for sure. We often get tripped up in Life. For every step forward, it feels as if we take two steps back. When that happens, it’s easy to recall our past blunders and our fear of making more of those mistakes sneaks in — which then has us looking toward the past to solidify our story of how it will go — or the future to ‘hope’ for something different. It is easy to forget that our lives are happening right this very minute. Now.

Today is Monday, August 24th. YOUR day. How will it go? You get to say.

Practice mindfulness and meditation to quiet your inner anxieties. Maybe soak up a little extra sunshine. Smile at a stranger – or 10. Enjoy your food – like, make love to it. Feel with abandon. ALL of it.

See how differently life moves within you.

Our main character from “About Time” reminds us:

“We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.

Your life is today. Relish it… and practice living it as the final day of your extraordinary, ordinary life. Be remarkable.

If you need a little jump in shaking up your world… start here…

Friday Roundup: Finding Time for Yourself

 “We’re born, we live for a brief instant, and we die.  It’s been happening for a long time.  Technology is not changing it much – if at all.” – Steve Jobs

This weekend, let’s commit to making time for ourselves.  Time that separates us from what’s happening on the outside world, and connect with what’s transpiring on the inside world.

In the midst of hectic workweeks and crazy lives (who is familiar with this?) , we can forget the need to decompress and recharge our emotional, physical and mental batteries. There’s nothing wrong – and everything right – with allowing yourself time to be.  To breathe. To live in the moment.  Letting your mind unwind over the weekend (sans electronics and ego) will help you wake up Monday morning refreshed and ready – without hitting snooze.

So, your weekend challenge and practice? Unplug from those trusty electronics (even a few minutes helps!) and take the time to center yourself.  Pour yourself your favorite glass of red wine (the one you’ve been waiting to open for a special occasion!). Call an old friend to laugh.  Journal.  Sleep in. Take 2 minutes to breathe deeply. Enjoy yourself. And if you’re still in doubt, here’s some inspiration from around the web:

01. Chronic stress with no relief can wear down your body & stop you from living your best life

02. Doctor’s Orders: Relaxation tips from a professional 

03. 19 (fun) things to do by yourself, to give your brain a break

04. Can’t quite put down your phone?  Feeling anxious?  Try these relaxation apps. 

05. And to sum it all up: remember to breathe

Happy, restful weekend friends!

Stand Up. Speak Up. Rise Up.

I attended a fabulous Girl Up event in Washington D.C. this week and was so inspired! The theme of the event was Stand Up. Speak Up. Rise Up.


Girl Up seeks to teach and empower girls to unite together, to understand their dreams are valid, to have a voice and speak out. As the Girlafesto said… “You see a girl. We see the future.


To be in the presence of so many inspiring women, to talk to them and hear them speak, is an amazing experience. Listening to Michelle Obama (such an incredibly thoughtful and eloquent speaker!) and goofing off with Monique Coleman is my idea of a fabulous day… and we also enjoyed some treats 🙂


The mission of Girl Up is simple in theory, but complex when faced with our reality. It’s unfortunate, but true, that many girls around the world are still suffering under the effects of oppression. What the organization seeks to do is reverse this cycle — allowing young women to feel empowered and comfortable in speaking their minds.

We can all learn from the underlying idea behind this mission, no matter our age. When we feel heard and seen, when we feel our ideas and dreams have merit, we are empowered to live our lives accordingly. When we stand up, speak up, rise up, we free ourselves from our doubt and complacency. From there, firmly outside our comfort zones, we can begin to think bigger for ourselves. We can begin to live our dreams.

How will you change the future? 

Every girl, no matter where she is born, deserves to dream. Stand up, speak up, rise up today. #GirlUp Click To Tweet