Monday Inspiration: Writing Your Own Story


Most of us are holding on to something we need to lay to rest. To release. Something we need to say goodbye to. It may be the promotion you didn’t get, the team member you can’t connect with, the office gossip you can’t quite escape. They’re all part of the stories we carry, the inner dialogues we trick ourselves into believing.

We have the memory of an elephant when it comes to recalling our hardest moments; moments where we have given in to the “not-enoughs.” Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, not unique enough. Not enough of a leader.

Consider it’s time to say goodbye. To the disempowering memories, to these old stories and beliefs that hold us back from even greater possibility. Let’s lay them to rest so we can start healing, moving on, moving up. It’s time to unclench.

This song by the reflective Miranda Lambert reminds me of the need to revisit and then release what’s old.  Letting our memories and our stories to be exactly what they are — just old stories.

The beginning of our story may have been written for us — by parents, bosses, society, spouses, even strangers — but we have the privilege of penning the rest.

Don’t allow your past stories to define who you’re being in the world moving forward. Our past can make us stronger, but it doesn’t write our future for us. We get to turn the page and start anew. But only if we choose to do so.

Say goodbye to the old disempowering stories and get writing, take charge, bring back your power, make the most out of where you are now. Great leaders understand how to re-visit… and then release what’s not empowering them. They learn, grow and determine what’s next from a new space — no matter the surroundings.

Ask yourself today: What made up story am I ready to let go of? And what epic story am I ready to pen in the next chapter of my career, relationship, business, life?

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