Friday Roundup: Love in Leadership

What does it mean to be in love? How do we show up differently in our lives; how are our rhythms refocused, re-energized, reimagined?

If all the songs are true, then love lifts us up — buoying us through the hard stuff on waves of happiness, pleasure, commitment  and inspires us to live fully expressed, to fill up to our very edges.

We use the word freely — we love sunny weather, our favorite TV shows, damn good coffee — but we often forget that the feeling and experience of love extends to all parts of our lives. Imagine what it would mean to bring love to your business,  your career,  your everyday work life. What could love do for your leadership? 

Leadership can be as intense a relationship as any whirlwind romance or long-term marriage. The same base feelings are all there… love, anger, joy, frustration, pride, annoyance. And we certainly put in the hours, effort, and emotion to create one crazy strong bond. Which means we need the same backbone of support, communication, and encouragement to create a sustainable and lasting relationship. As leaders, we understand how to cultivate relationships with our customers, with our staff, with our fellow leaders, but we forget to extend these same principles to our own unique relationship with our companies and with leadership itself. Today, give yourself to the space to be in your leadership. What will that look like for you?

Stuck on how to start? Try embodying these values to start feelin’ the love in leadership, today:

01. Listen to yourself; to your rhythms, feelings, and gut instincts. Those aren’t just white noise! Give yourself the time you need to just be — and see where the feelings take you.

02. Acknowledge yourself as the leader you are and embody your fiercest ambitions and wildest ideas. Don’t hold yourself back or rein yourself in. Free your weird. Rock your crazy. Love your leadership.

03. Start fresh each day. Never let old grievances or bad memories stop you from living in the present. Use your past to propel your future — old experiences make us stronger, but they don’t define us.

04. Value yourself as a leader. Stand strong behind your convictions and don’t back down from a challenge. Don’t be a doormat or a roadblock. Own your faults and stop apologizing for being yourself.

05. Take a little coffee break. Get a mojito after work. Forget it all and dance. Cheer. Smile. Life is for the living, friends.


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