Friday Roundup: Finding Time for Yourself

 “We’re born, we live for a brief instant, and we die.  It’s been happening for a long time.  Technology is not changing it much – if at all.” – Steve Jobs

This weekend, let’s commit to making time for ourselves.  Time that separates us from what’s happening on the outside world, and connect with what’s transpiring on the inside world.

In the midst of hectic workweeks and crazy lives (who is familiar with this?) , we can forget the need to decompress and recharge our emotional, physical and mental batteries. There’s nothing wrong – and everything right – with allowing yourself time to be.  To breathe. To live in the moment.  Letting your mind unwind over the weekend (sans electronics and ego) will help you wake up Monday morning refreshed and ready – without hitting snooze.

So, your weekend challenge and practice? Unplug from those trusty electronics (even a few minutes helps!) and take the time to center yourself.  Pour yourself your favorite glass of red wine (the one you’ve been waiting to open for a special occasion!). Call an old friend to laugh.  Journal.  Sleep in. Take 2 minutes to breathe deeply. Enjoy yourself. And if you’re still in doubt, here’s some inspiration from around the web:

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02. Doctor’s Orders: Relaxation tips from a professional 

03. 19 (fun) things to do by yourself, to give your brain a break

04. Can’t quite put down your phone?  Feeling anxious?  Try these relaxation apps. 

05. And to sum it all up: remember to breathe

Happy, restful weekend friends!

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