2016 is About to Get #Legendary

Congratulations, friends!! We made it through another amazing year.  And because of that… a little Rhianna (#ShineBright) is in order (you knew I had to include some music and dancing to celebrate!).  And WOAH what a year! Full of life, laughter, mess, loss, change, and challenge. And now, just before we embark on the next chapter of our lives, let’s take a moment to breathe deeply, reflect, and… celebrate!  The world is covered in twinkle lights and holiday cheer is all around us. It’s a magical time, indeed.

Don’t let that magic pass you by.

My proudest moments included discovering and reinventing being mom and wife… building out an incredible, KICK ASS coaching business (every single one of my clients ROCK)… publishing my book (crazy insane!)… being committed to advancing and educating girls through GirlUp, and so many other things.  Amazing, right?!  Some of life worked in 2015 — some of it didn’t — but I can laugh at the silly, stupid, awkward moments, and let the tears fall when remembering the hardest nights, the darkest days.

Allow 2016 to be the year of YOU. Start challenging yourself now, so you can hit the ground running on January 1st. Don’t fall into the trap of New Year’s resolutions that peter out in the third cold, dreary week of January. Instead, answer these questions and put yourself to the test to define your willpower, you strength, and your incredible determination for the upcoming year. You ready? Let’s do this thang.

What do you want the overarching theme of your 2016 to be? 
Where do you envision yourself on this very day, next year?

What do you want to remember when the year is over?
What do you most want to discover, create, and explore?
What will yo
u let go of… and what will you feed?

And if you’re up for a partner in the process — hit me up… I know a thing or two about achieving goals and removing the ‘stuff’ that gets in the way. Sometimes just one conversation can change EVERYTHING.

You’re on your way, friends.  Remember… this life ain’t no dress rehearsal, so #ShineBright NOW.

Merry everything!!  Cheers to 2016!

Magical Monday: Let Your Actions Speak


Choice is powerful

I’ve learned the hard way that making choices for ourselves — taking responsibility for our actions and choosing not to be victims to our reactionary lives — isn’t always a walk in the park. There are truths about ourselves that are hard to face. There are past choices that are scary to confront. Going deeper with yourself is raw and emotional, but ultimately revitalizing.

Today is not just a Monday. It is an opportunity to know, understand, and appreciate your self better.

The real question is: Are you up for it? #MagicalMonday

Friday Roundup: Stand Like You Mean It

The end of the week can be a time for burn-out. For exhaustion. For phoning-it-in, because you just cannot anymore.

It’s time to stand up.

That’s not a metaphor. I really want you to stand up. Straight and tall. Like you mean it. (Don’t laugh, just do it. Trust me.)

Body language is about how others see us, but its also about how we see ourselves. Are you a hunched over, burned-out leader with nothing left to give?

Hell to the no. 

There’s really something to this whole “fake it till you make it” thing. And part of that comes down to how you hold yourself. Don’t be afraid to take up space. Spread out and settle in. Because according to Amy Cuddy, how you present yourself can make all the difference — literally:

Sometimes, it can feel as though you have nothing left to give. But even in that lowest of low, you can still stand tall. Don’t get into the habit of demeaning yourself before you even get started. You’re better than that. You’re a sparkling, crazy bright firework. #ShineOn

A few more reasons to stand up and put yourself out there:

01. A visual guide to Amy Cuddy’s power poses

02. Surprising (and important!) things your body language is telling the world

03. The right moves to build trust

04. How to be instantly likeable, even when you feel like that crazy witch from Tangled

05. Trick yourself into crazy confidence (Ariana Grande, eat your heart out)

Magical Monday: Stressed Out

The best days of your life. People say it about all kinds of things: high school, college, falling in love, having an amazing hair day, finding that perfect taco.

We look back on these days — the “best” days —as being simpler, less stressful, less adult. We think back to when we were children with nostalgia — as Twenty One Pilots so beautifully expresses:

I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink,
But now I’m insecure and I care what people think. 

But why are we denying ourselves the majority of our lives? What if they are all the best days?


The secret is to stop looking at today as just another day in your ordinary life. Today is a miracle. I know, I know, that sounds totally cliche. But bear with me here. Today, you get to live another day of your fabulous, extraordinary, ordinary life. Today isn’t just a Monday. It’s YOUR Monday. Make it a priority to stop caring what people think of you today. To stop worrying and stressing out about what you cannot control. Make it your mission to remember today as one of the best days of your life — because even a Monday can be magical.

Friday Roundup: Get Out of Your Own Way



{ Image via So Shay }

Since when did ambition become expectation? We don’t let ourselves enjoy the beginnings anymore. We expect perfection — the best job, the right partner, the most “share-worthy” hobbies — from ourselves, right out of the gate. We get inspired by stories of hard work, of effort, of getting back up after every failure. And yet we don’t give ourselves the same grace or leeway. We expect the result, without the hard work. We want to be the exception to the rule.

Are the expectations you set for yourself unrealistic? 

Don’t get me wrong: it’s good, imperative even, to have goals. We’re all striving for something outside of — beyond — ourselves.  And the hope is we get there.  But what if we don’t? And more than likely, we won’t get there on the first try. Does that make the journey less rewarding?

Hell no!

Wherever you are right now: you’re remarkable. You’re trying, you’re pushing, you’re freakin’ living. And yeah, maybe right now, you’re not exactly where you want to be (welcome to the “being human” ride). In fact, you may have pretty far to go. You may have some pieces to pick up. Doors to open. Doors to close. But isn’t that what life is for? Not for berating ourselves when we don’t get there fast enough, fall short, or miss the boat entirely. But instead, reveling in our failure  — because it means we discovered something about ourselves, our career, our lives.

So I’m asking you to ditch your expectations. Stop playing the comparison game. Push yourself because you love what you do. Push yourself because you CAN.  Push yourself not because you need to prove to everyone in the entire universe (animal kingdom included) you’re awesome — but because you, quite simply, want to enjoy this ride called life.

Remember friend, you were born BOMBDIGGITY.

Get crazy inspired by these words of wisdom:

01. Average can be awesome

02. There aren’t many shortcuts to greatness

03. Let’s build a culture of openness, a culture where failure can be powerful

04. How to fail forward

05. Doubt is not your friend

Stay amazing, my friends.

Monday Inspiration: Do It Anyway


Pop Quiz: What do you want to do with your life? 

Is it what you’re doing from 9 to 5 everyday? (If so, lucky you.)

But maybe it’s something different — something you’ve been searching for and trying to understand for a while now. Your passion. That intangible spark of excitement, glory, pure happiness that hits us when we are doing exactly what we’ve been made to do.

Have you recognized passion in yourself lately? 

So many times we say “I don’t know what I want to do” or “I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing with my life” without really thinking it through. We say it like a toss away comment — think “I’m so tired” or “This weather is good” — and we let ourselves believe it. Don’t fall into that trap. Chances are, your passion is staring you in the face. I promise you, there’s no way you were born to just pay bills and die. In between going to work at a thankless job and dealing with the mundane realities of life, you’ll find that passion. What you do when no one is watching, when nothing is at stake, when you think you’re just enjoying yourself… that’s passion. Take it from Jessica Hische,

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” 

Mind. Blown.

Stop wondering about your passion and stop questioning what you should do with your life. Playing that kind of waiting game is not going to get you where you want to go. Don’t hesitate. Find your passion in the unguarded moments of your life. And then run with it.

Monday Inspiration: Making Time for Play


Ah, another Monday. With the weekend over, we approach our week solemnly, ready to face another five days of work.

Often, work can feel challenging — so mentally and physically exhausting — that we begin to live for the weekend. For the hours between 5pm at 8am. These are the times we hold dear, the times we cherish because we have carved them out for play. We hold closely these moments because we view work — our 9 – 5 jobs full of endless meetings, little frustrations, deep anxieties — as something separate. Rewarding, but not likely to be fun — at all.


Our time is precious. We carve out moments for ourselves to be playful, to be serious, to be emotional — separating our feelings into neat, labeled boxes. Yet I’m curious — what is actually stopping you from bringing your play into your work? It will still be challenging (you wouldn’t want it any other way, am I right?), but it can also be fun, exciting, different. Take a word of advice from Alan Watts:

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

Today choose play. Even though it’s Monday. Even though you were almost late to work… spilled your coffee the moment you sat down at your desk… opened your email to a million notes.

This is a day in your life. This moment, this tiny slice of time, can either matter or be washed away. How will you choose to live today?

What could work look like for you, if you approached it from a spirit of play?

Thought for Friday: Living with Purpose

What does living with purpose really mean?

You may be striving to find your own purpose by looking outward — at your career, at your circle, at the “things” you do everyday. The issue? You’re looking in the wrong direction.

Your purpose is not defined by your surroundings, by the state of the world around you. Your purpose lives within you. It is with you, everywhere you go. The catch? It’s up to YOU to bring your purpose forth. To live through your purpose in everything you do — whether you’re in the career of your dreams or still trying to find your feet.

Today, stop waiting for purpose to show up in front of you. Hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s just not that easy (if only!). Don’t let yourself be sucked in to the waiting game. Start now. How can you bring your purpose, your passions, your fire, to what you’re doing right this second? How can you live your dreams, right here, right now? It seems impossible, until you start.

When you speak and run your business from a place of #purpose, others gravitate toward that. @JulieSmolyansky @REBELutionarymr Click To Tweet

Happy Friday (and happy early halloween!), friends.

Monday Inspiration: Blow It Up


Mondays are filled with possibility — make today your opportunity to explore and blow some shit up. Make it big, make it bright, make it count.

Today is YOURS. How will you use it?

Friday Roundup: Love in Leadership

What does it mean to be in love? How do we show up differently in our lives; how are our rhythms refocused, re-energized, reimagined?

If all the songs are true, then love lifts us up — buoying us through the hard stuff on waves of happiness, pleasure, commitment  and inspires us to live fully expressed, to fill up to our very edges.

We use the word freely — we love sunny weather, our favorite TV shows, damn good coffee — but we often forget that the feeling and experience of love extends to all parts of our lives. Imagine what it would mean to bring love to your business,  your career,  your everyday work life. What could love do for your leadership? 

Leadership can be as intense a relationship as any whirlwind romance or long-term marriage. The same base feelings are all there… love, anger, joy, frustration, pride, annoyance. And we certainly put in the hours, effort, and emotion to create one crazy strong bond. Which means we need the same backbone of support, communication, and encouragement to create a sustainable and lasting relationship. As leaders, we understand how to cultivate relationships with our customers, with our staff, with our fellow leaders, but we forget to extend these same principles to our own unique relationship with our companies and with leadership itself. Today, give yourself to the space to be in your leadership. What will that look like for you?

Stuck on how to start? Try embodying these values to start feelin’ the love in leadership, today:

01. Listen to yourself; to your rhythms, feelings, and gut instincts. Those aren’t just white noise! Give yourself the time you need to just be — and see where the feelings take you.

02. Acknowledge yourself as the leader you are and embody your fiercest ambitions and wildest ideas. Don’t hold yourself back or rein yourself in. Free your weird. Rock your crazy. Love your leadership.

03. Start fresh each day. Never let old grievances or bad memories stop you from living in the present. Use your past to propel your future — old experiences make us stronger, but they don’t define us.

04. Value yourself as a leader. Stand strong behind your convictions and don’t back down from a challenge. Don’t be a doormat or a roadblock. Own your faults and stop apologizing for being yourself.

05. Take a little coffee break. Get a mojito after work. Forget it all and dance. Cheer. Smile. Life is for the living, friends.