Monday Inspiration: The Best Times


Something big is happening (even on a Monday). Life is happening. You’re ALIVE. Pretty big, right?

Something big is always happening… all around you (even though it doesn’t always feel like that). Yet we have to choose to see it that way. It’s our complicated, crazy, beautiful life. Are you plugged in to all that energy?

Think of your time — at work, at home, in the car, in the checkout line, wherever you are — as an untapped resource. It’s time to…

Wake up.

Get connected.

Be present.

Are you waiting around for your career to happen to you? What about your projects? Or your desire for bolder leadership? How about your life?

A simple step forward is opening your eyes and your senses in unexpected places — at that meeting you don’t think is important, on the early drive in to work, in that mid-afternoon lag, on the train ride home — those are the times to tune in and turn on. Flex your mindfulness muscle and start looking at your footprint in your world. What impression will you leave behind? What legacy are you committed to?

It’s Monday, again. YOUR Monday, this time. The only day that matters — will you use it or lose it?

Friday Roundup: Growing in your Leadership

Growth is at the forefront of leadership success.  It’s critical — especially in leadership. Trying to lead from a fixed place will ultimately kill you.  Staying stagnant, we don’t allow for shifting, blooming – we stifle our potential and the potential of those around us.  When we block out the sun, we block out the fire, the heat – and we ultimately lead from a place of performance, imitation and complacency.

According to Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford, when we train our brains to function from a place of growth — from the growth mindset, as she calls it — we develop and transform. But when we approach our lives from a fixed mindset, we see our abilities and talents as chained and rigid. We are what we are. End of story.

Your leadership story is always evolving — no matter your age or status. There is always more to learn, more to discover, more inspiration to be tapped. The catch? You have to seek it out.

What is your commitment to leadership and learning?  How are you occupying your world — whether it be the boardroom or the bedroom? True growth begins with turning toward the sunlight and fanning the flames of your fire.

So my friend, how hot do you want to get today?

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Here’s to more fire in the belly fellow leader!

Monday Inspiration: Leadership, Your Way


Leadership looks different on everyone. When we lead based upon our own unique personal values, our leadership style takes on a life of its own. We are no longer defined by what our mentors did or what our company espouses. We lead from within.

There’s no blueprint for the “right way” to lead. But there are defining moments where we decide what kind of leader we will be. Bill George, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School, reminds us, “You know you’re in trouble when you start to judge your self-worth by your net worth.” Great leadership isn’t concerned with the “bottom-line” above all else.  Extraordinary leadership comes from a courageous place — where we speak our hearts/minds because we are called to do so. Where we commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence, not perfection.

Are you honoring your own set of unique leadership values?  Are you giving them a voice?

Authenticity is the perfect place to begin. Be yourself, fully expressed, and see where it takes you. Don’t shield your ideas or your ambitions because of fear or doubt. This week, speak up. Speak out. Practice. Start building your own leadership blueprint, your way, today.

Onward, friends!

Friday Roundup: Breakup or Make Up?

It’s weird.  Sometimes a week can feel 10x longer than it usually does. And especially looooong when little frustrations start to pile up into something substantial. You know the days I’m talking about — when you see your big ideas have gone unappreciated, when you get stuck in an hour long meeting where nothing is accomplished but small talk, when you’re bogged down with irritating, small busy work instead of generating bold new opportunities. We all have those days and we generally shake it off (thanks Taylor) — and return the next day ready for a (somewhat) fresh start.

What happens when those days start to become weeks? You’re finding it harder and harder to “shake it off” in an increasingly toxic, lackluster environment, yet… you don’t want to just give up. It’s time to ask yourself whether or not YOU can make a difference where you are. And if the answer is no — it may be time to consider a breakup. In order to move on to the bigger and brighter future waiting for you.

Quitting isn’t something to take lightly — all those “Never Give Up” mantras aren’t just hot air — but it is a valid personal choice to consider. A great leader grows where they’re planted – they’re resourceful and creative. But nothing grows without the basics of sunlight and soil. If the environment is dark, if the culture is creepy, if the boss is disrespectful, if you’re dying on the vine waiting on someone to step in and pluck you away…  you may be wasting your precious time. Bad days can (and will) happen anywhere you work, that is just your messy, beautiful life in action. But “enduring” and “suffering” isn’t your job or your life. We are meant to thrive — full of life, possibility and potential. If your current situation is stripping you of sunshine and soil, consider how you can make a fresh start — either there… or somewhere else.

Whatever you choose, know that YOU are in control of your future. You can change your job. Change YOU. Or stay and suffer (not recommended). Your success is on your terms and only you know whether the place you’re in now can give you what you need to succeed. Take the first step and decide: Will you breakup, change yourself up or linger as a victim?

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Monday Inspiration: Let Yourself Be Happy


There can be a weird stigma in business over being “too positive” or “too happy.” We don’t want to be seen as threatening or draw too much attention to ourselves, so we blunt those feelings. Yet, as Danielle LaPorte succinctly reminds us, “Positive feelings are a form of power. And power is all kinds of uncontrollable, elevating, disruptive, expansive, and threatening — to your own fear, and to people who prefer low-risk living.”

Own your power. 

Let yourself be happy. Allow yourself to be unabashedly, authentically positive. Business isn’t a place free of emotion or free of passion. You don’t have to be an automaton to be successful in business, in fact, the opposite is true. From Steve Jobs to Mary Kay Ash, examples of committed, passionate and successful leaders are all around us. Let’s take their lead today. Allow yourself to authentically be yourself — in life and in business.

Welcome to Monday!

Remembering the Past, Honoring the Future

On the anniversary of one of the most heartbreaking days in our nation’s history, let’s take a moment to honor those we have lost. Let us salute those first responders and brave citizens who risk their own lives to protect us, each and every day.

Life is fleeting and full of unknowns. The instinct to live in fear, worrying and wondering what is next, is strong. But when the worst happens, we are no better for having feared. Instead, reflect upon today as an inducement to live your life to the absolute fullest. To cherish those around you each day, as if it is the last. Life is full of defining moments, so rise up and be courageous. Your time is now. Our time is now.

Monday Inspiration: Writing Your Own Story


Most of us are holding on to something we need to lay to rest. To release. Something we need to say goodbye to. It may be the promotion you didn’t get, the team member you can’t connect with, the office gossip you can’t quite escape. They’re all part of the stories we carry, the inner dialogues we trick ourselves into believing.

We have the memory of an elephant when it comes to recalling our hardest moments; moments where we have given in to the “not-enoughs.” Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough, not unique enough. Not enough of a leader.

Consider it’s time to say goodbye. To the disempowering memories, to these old stories and beliefs that hold us back from even greater possibility. Let’s lay them to rest so we can start healing, moving on, moving up. It’s time to unclench.

This song by the reflective Miranda Lambert reminds me of the need to revisit and then release what’s old.  Letting our memories and our stories to be exactly what they are — just old stories.

The beginning of our story may have been written for us — by parents, bosses, society, spouses, even strangers — but we have the privilege of penning the rest.

Don’t allow your past stories to define who you’re being in the world moving forward. Our past can make us stronger, but it doesn’t write our future for us. We get to turn the page and start anew. But only if we choose to do so.

Say goodbye to the old disempowering stories and get writing, take charge, bring back your power, make the most out of where you are now. Great leaders understand how to re-visit… and then release what’s not empowering them. They learn, grow and determine what’s next from a new space — no matter the surroundings.

Ask yourself today: What made up story am I ready to let go of? And what epic story am I ready to pen in the next chapter of my career, relationship, business, life?

Friday RoundUp: Is it time to DTR?

Business is personal and it’s time to get busy (if you know what I mean) with business.

Imagine you’ve just finished the fourth date in a series of amazing dates. You’re clicking with him/her. You love being together. You feel happy, awash with possibility.  But… suddenly fear shows up — are you on the same page? What is the other person thinking? You feel out-of-sorts, wondering if you desire similar things. You know you’re ready for more. Dare we say the word… (gasp!) commitment.

It’s time to DTR (Deepen the Relationship).

It’s similar in business too.  Did you know that only 8% of full-time employees work less than 40 hours per week?  Yes.  The rest of us are working 40 hours or more!  Which means most of us spend OVER half our day at work.

Life doesn’t start after 5’oclock folks.  And a meaningful life doesn’t exist only outside the corporate office.

Relationships (and emotions) take place in our business world too — whether we are willing to acknowledge it or not.  And yet, most of us keep our company and co-workers are arms-length. Not allowing ourselves to show up authentically, fully expressed, committed.  And because of that, we live half-lives — never fully ‘in’, never fully engaged.

Life is long. Work is important. Employees desire connection and meaning. Today, stop spending so much time on the surface — unengaged, floating, bored. Practice going a bit deeper. A bit more expressed.

Consider it’s time to stop playing games — and take the plunge.  Bringing that kind of wholeheartedness to work every day will be quite the turn on.

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Happy Labor Day weekend!