Friday Roundup: Rock Your Weird

Sometimes we go through an entire week without giving ourselves permission to be authentic. Heck, sometimes, for some people, it’s an entire lifetime. We put on many different “hats” – parent, boss, colleague, teammate, friend, spouse – that we allow our original, true selves get lost in the shuffle.

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Time to break the cycle. 

Let’s rock our collective weird. Allow our inner selves to shine. Let’s give ourselves (and others) permission to live our most fully expressed life.

After all, if it’s just one life we have to live – why not make a crazy mark?

Here’s to more living. More shenanigans. More foolishness.

Bring. It. On.

Here’s some help from around the web:

01. Tips for making a fresh start

02. Habits of truly authentic people

03. How to bring your personality to your brand

04. Authenticity = fearlessness 

05. How to accept that not everyone will love you

How will you rock your weird?

Monday Inspiration: All About that Attitude


This week is all about attitude.

Coming out of a fun, relaxing weekend can be hard. But we don’t want to start the week on a down note.  And the cool thing is, we get to choose. What we put out into the world impacts what comes back our way. Our thoughts either pick us up or bring us down.

Today, refuse to play the victim to ‘just another Monday’ and take responsibility for your attitude and actions. How do you want today to go? You get to say.

As Joss Stone reminds us, “And if there’s one thing I will say to you / Is that there is nothing that you can’t do / ‘Cause it’s all about your attitude / Don’t let them get to you.

Monday can own you… or you can own Monday. What do you choose?

Up, up and away friends!

Friday Roundup: Finding Time for Yourself

 “We’re born, we live for a brief instant, and we die.  It’s been happening for a long time.  Technology is not changing it much – if at all.” – Steve Jobs

This weekend, let’s commit to making time for ourselves.  Time that separates us from what’s happening on the outside world, and connect with what’s transpiring on the inside world.

In the midst of hectic workweeks and crazy lives (who is familiar with this?) , we can forget the need to decompress and recharge our emotional, physical and mental batteries. There’s nothing wrong – and everything right – with allowing yourself time to be.  To breathe. To live in the moment.  Letting your mind unwind over the weekend (sans electronics and ego) will help you wake up Monday morning refreshed and ready – without hitting snooze.

So, your weekend challenge and practice? Unplug from those trusty electronics (even a few minutes helps!) and take the time to center yourself.  Pour yourself your favorite glass of red wine (the one you’ve been waiting to open for a special occasion!). Call an old friend to laugh.  Journal.  Sleep in. Take 2 minutes to breathe deeply. Enjoy yourself. And if you’re still in doubt, here’s some inspiration from around the web:

01. Chronic stress with no relief can wear down your body & stop you from living your best life

02. Doctor’s Orders: Relaxation tips from a professional 

03. 19 (fun) things to do by yourself, to give your brain a break

04. Can’t quite put down your phone?  Feeling anxious?  Try these relaxation apps. 

05. And to sum it all up: remember to breathe

Happy, restful weekend friends!

Stand Up. Speak Up. Rise Up.

I attended a fabulous Girl Up event in Washington D.C. this week and was so inspired! The theme of the event was Stand Up. Speak Up. Rise Up.


Girl Up seeks to teach and empower girls to unite together, to understand their dreams are valid, to have a voice and speak out. As the Girlafesto said… “You see a girl. We see the future.


To be in the presence of so many inspiring women, to talk to them and hear them speak, is an amazing experience. Listening to Michelle Obama (such an incredibly thoughtful and eloquent speaker!) and goofing off with Monique Coleman is my idea of a fabulous day… and we also enjoyed some treats 🙂


The mission of Girl Up is simple in theory, but complex when faced with our reality. It’s unfortunate, but true, that many girls around the world are still suffering under the effects of oppression. What the organization seeks to do is reverse this cycle — allowing young women to feel empowered and comfortable in speaking their minds.

We can all learn from the underlying idea behind this mission, no matter our age. When we feel heard and seen, when we feel our ideas and dreams have merit, we are empowered to live our lives accordingly. When we stand up, speak up, rise up, we free ourselves from our doubt and complacency. From there, firmly outside our comfort zones, we can begin to think bigger for ourselves. We can begin to live our dreams.

How will you change the future? 

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Friday Roundup: Know the Competition



{ photo via DesignLoveFest & Sophia Amoruso }

Competition is good. It can be healthy. It can push you in to being your most extraordinary self – and it’s likely somewhere outside of your comfort zone.

Let me be clear – the competition doesn’t exist outside of you (which is where most of us spend our time). I’m talking about YOU. Your game. As it’s the only game in town.

The invitation and challenge? To be better, braver and bolder than yesterday. To move closer to your most expressed, authentic self both personally and professionally.

Today, challenge yourself to be a more extraordinary version of you and see where it takes you — we’re guessing it’s on to even bigger and better ways of being in the world. Need some inspiration? Look no further.

01. 15 motivational ways to challenge yourself daily

02. An amazing TED Talk from Matt Cutts on trying new things

03. It’s hard to be a #GirlBoss without enough sleep, try this guide for 30 days of healthy slumber

04. Unconventional challenges to inspire your creativity

05. Boost your motivation with these 8 tips (our favorite: stay positive & think happy to be happy)

Happy Friday, everyone!

Monday Inspiration: Free Your Mind



Ah, Mondays. The beginning of the week can feel a little … blah. Doesn’t this shirt say it all?

This week, I’m challenging myself to make Monday a fresh start. I’ll use meditation (p.s. some great beginner tips here) and positivity to free my mind to start the week off.  And if I hit some roadblocks along the way, I’ll know that tomorrow offers another beginning. Taking the time for yourself — even if only five minutes here, two minutes there can center your mind and create enormous impact on how the day unfolds. Would you believe… Monday may just start to be inspiring! So we say – bring it!

Friday Roundup: If Taylor Can Do It, So Can You



{ photo via Cocorrina, download as tech wallpaper here }

This week has been all about working smarter. We work hard, but those hours still tick right on by. We all have the same hours in a day as Taylor Swift… if she can do it, so can we! It comes down to our commitments. Taylor is committed to making music and delivering it to her fans, her way.  She is the epitome of focus and determination, and where they can take you. What are you passionately committed to?  What everyday things, big or small, distract you from those commitments? Build a schedule that gives you the time to source and feed your passions, your commitments, your fire – and save yourself a whole lot of madness, energy and time.  Check out these great links from around the web for inspiration:

01. Easy life hacks that increase your potential

02. Are you a freelancer? Help others + yourself with these tips. Win, win!

03. Make an impact with authenticity

04. Entrepreneurial lessons from hip-hop moguls

05. Searching for the perfect stock photo? Cut down time with this handy cheat sheet.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Monday Inspiration: Are You Awake?















Are you awake?

No, not just in the its-Monday-and-your-eyelids-are-dropping kind of way. Are you really awake?

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It’s hard to feel inspired and energized in the day-to-day grind. And being present to your life doesn’t necessarily mean firing on all cylinders every moment of every day. But if you can commit to staying positive and energized for a month, a week- even just a day… life will respond!

Today is the day.  Wake up to your life.

A little something I’ve been thinking about lately.