From Prison to Playground:

Find Your Work Bliss

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“Thanks for all you have done for me and the motivation you give me to seek out better opportunities for myself. You encouraged me to not settle for mediocre work. And for that, I am indebted.”
– Brigid C.


Leadership Workshop Series

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“Molly’s passion, her brilliance, and her bad ass self, affirmed to me that business not only can be fun, it can be an expression of who you are. Her process allowed me to see and create the actions that led to enormous breakthroughs in performance.”
– Mike S.

Constant Re-invention for Executives

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“Molly was able to bring issues regarding Leadership to light in a multi-faceted learning approach that was relatable to a diverse group of people and made a difference for all participants.”
– G. C., Director Commercial Products Americas, Kelly Services

Executive Networking in the New Normal

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“Molly completely captivated our members and inspired each of us to examine our work and make the changes needed to live our passion.”
-Kim B., Chicago Women in Publishing


Through numerous business engagements, I’ve identified themes that resonate again and again. I dig chances to speak, serve on panels or facilitate breakout sessions focused on how to bring intentionality to people’s careers and organizations so that they communicate the most authentic, effective message about themselves and their organizations.
Is your organization…
Ready to create clarity, release greatness and break free from conventional thinking? 
No more boring professional development. Bring out more of the great work we are all born to do.
Ready to get to know yourself, your team members and build on a big, bold task?
Discover, connect and expect an injection of new ideas and mojo.
Ready to question everything? Perfect. Let’s do this!
I’m also excited about building custom workshops and sustainable experiences.
Scroll through a few of the workshops I offer below.

Groups, Businesses, or Organizations

Through focused exploration, planning and smart goal setting, I work with businesses and organizations to honor and optimize meaningful work. From marketing strategies to audits of what’s working and what’s not, to honest assessment and profound conversation, I help groups create cohesion, common purpose and common practice.

Together we’ll:


– Challenge organizational stagnancy. Let’s transcend plateaus and create environments and practices so optimal that everyone thrives.
– Examine the day-to-day and the long run. Let’s plan strategically so processes and people work well now and tomorrow.
– Explore organizational culture. Let’s talk about who does things and how things are done – honestly, openly, and with an eye towards bold vision and smart culture building.

One on one Coaching

Anyone can DO life and leadership. But what does it mean to live your greatest life and BE leader everywhere, always? A “Being” leader means leading with integrity, values, confidence, in an authentic, confident way. It’s the greatness of you, unleashed. What do you need so you can become the role model, mentor and game changer you know you can be? Discover your voice, your method and your next steps through deep dives into who you are and what you want. It’s not about becoming something you’re not. It’s about becoming your most authentic self so that your work is your truth.

Together we’ll:

– Uncover who you are as well as what you want to create for your life. You have an essential self that’s clamoring to reveal itself. Let’s bring that to the table to be a guiding force for us to generate unprecedented results in work and life.
– Identify purpose, intentions and objectives. Let’s talk about what you can bring to the communities and people you live and work alongside.
– Project design your next steps. Set goals for your life and work that light you up, and generate possibility beyond what seems reasonable, predictable, comfortable or attainable.

Do work and live a life that is intentional, purposeful and wildly effective

Breakthrough work is a big deal. It’s not for everyone. It’s a good fit for those leaders and organizations ready to work at the highest levels, those
ready for achieving, doing, and being more.
Through purposeful disruption, clients work smarter and dream bigger. My clients are empowered to shape their lives and their work with confidence and to move into a place of inspiration and confidence.

Molly Rudberg

My background is a potent mix of executive and life coaching, personal branding, leadership development, marketing strategy, production, working at thriving companies and running my own business for nearly a decade and a half. My University of Iowa liberal arts mindset meets the strategic world of Northwestern’s Masters in Managerial Communication program – wrapped up with an Accomplishment Coaching affiliation bow.
With this experience has come an innate ability to see how we create our own walls and detours – how we get in the way of our own success. And, instinctively, I see and hear what my clients and their organizations need to do to reach that place they most want to be.
Part spelunker, digging down to what your life and work is at its essentials. Part explorer, urging you to see things you might not have ever dreamt of. Part chemist, distilling your values and beliefs. Part investigator, because smart questions lead to risk-taking, big thinking, and bold action. Part adventurer (because it’s a daring adventure or nothing, right?), in partnership with my clients as they move out of their own way and into a place of celebration and success.